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Refunds and amounts are considered on a case by case basis. Students are required to complete all packages within one year.

If you have enrolled in an online driver’s education there is no expiration.

All behind the wheel training program in combination with the ON-LINE drivers education expires effective one year from the start date of behind the wheel drivers training.

The state of California requires that in addition to the completion of classroom or on-line drivers education and obtaining a completion certificate (O.L 237) a minor must also be enrolled in and complete 6 hours of professional behind the wheel drivers training at a California DMV licensed driving school. Upon such an enrollment, the driving school issues a certificate of enrollment in behind the wheel drivers training (O.L 392). This enrollment certificate must be presented to the DMV when the student applies for a provisional learners permit. Upon the completion of behind the wheel drivers training, the driving school will then issue the certificate of completion in the behind the wheel drivers training (O.L 238). This completion certificate shall be presented to the DMV on the day when taking the final drive test to be licensed in the state of California. Teen Driving Academy offers a combination package which includes both driver’s education and the behind the wheel drivers training.

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