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Behind the Wheel Training FAQ

Are your Vehicles insured?

YES! All of our vehicles carry full coverage insurance.

What types of cars do you use?

Our training vehicles are Dual controlled late model vehicles. In order to enhance student’s real time driving experience. Our exemplary safety record has surpassed all competition and is well above the minimum established by the state of California. Our vehicles are routinely inspected and repaired by certified mechanics.

Who are your instructors? What are their qualifications? And how have they been screened?
Our behind the wheel drivers training instructors are DMV licensed experienced professionals. Our instructors are fully screened and their backgrounds checked through department of justice and the F.B.I. Through continuous education and training our instructors are highly qualified to observe, teach and correct the student drivers.
What is covered during the behind the wheel training phase of your program?

During the behind the wheel drivers training phase the student driver is instructed in-vehicle control basics and also applications of defensive driving fundamentals in a real driving environment. Our instructors will teach the student drivers in all categories of roads including freeway driving, driving in city traffic, and residential area driving. On the last day of this training, our instructor will administer a mock DMV test using the same criteria of scoring as the state uses in its testing. This will greatly improve the chance of passing on your final drive test.

Is your behind the wheel drivers training private?

Absolutely! This means that we do not have any one else in the car during the entire training phase.100% private. Furthermore, we do not back to back students. This means that we do not use your time to go pick up another student so we can save time and money to your detriment.